kiteboarding film by Andy Gordon

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From: kiter
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1801 days ago
Description: A very stylish and very unique/innovative kiteboarding film by Andy Gordon. It stars Pro Kiteboarder/Free Style Rider and 5x World Champion, Aaron Hadlow. Aaron Hadlow is sponsored by: -Redbull -Fexifoil -Chiemsee -Lost Cause Boards -Prolimit The showcased kite in this kiteboarding video is Aaron Hadlow's signature kite, the Hadlow Pro 09. Flexifoil developed the designs for Aarron's kite for over a year to get the performance dialed in just right. It is now a new release for the '09 collection of Flexifoil kites. It is good to see kiteboarding being pushed to the next level, from both behind and in front of the camera. This film really defines another unique perspective on a kiteboarder's lifestyle. Links: -The official web page of Pro Kiteboarder Aaron Hadlow -Home of Flexifoil kiteboarding. Check it out and learn more about the Hadlow Pro 09

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